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The website now has ALL of our items for sale on it and it is ready for you to use with the shopping cart. There are very few pictures as yet, but we will be adding those as soon as we can.
If you feel you will order from us (which we hope!) more than once, please feel free to set up a user name and password with all of your info and you won't have to keep re-entering your address, etc again and again.

As always, we do still have the farms so we often don't get back to you the day you order or email and we are closed on Fridays, the weekends and holidays.

Because we make our products in batches we cannot guarantee that we will have any particular item in stock at any particular time. We therefore cannot calculate your shipping costs until we calculate your order total.
ONCE YOU ORDER, we will get back to you on what items are available and the shipping / handling cost  - which is weight dependant, so can't be pre-determined (we mark up shipping a very small amount to cover our packaging time and materials used) and send you a PayPal request or other payment you prefer. The cart will say you will pay in the store, but we will get back to you and arrange your shipping and payment.


Pictures going in!

The Corbin section was the first to be started, but we'll eventually have them all.

We specialize in pre-1932 Indian motorcycles.
Many other early Marques used Indian type parts - ask if you aren't sure.