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Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill

Started in 2012 from Joan's interest in meat raised totally grass fed to avoid the genetically modified corn fed to animals not meant to eat corn, thus needing antibiotics and hormones with a small herd of 12 head of cattle.
  • All-natural, grass fed and finished heritage Ruby Red Devon beef
  • Organic Produce and Products
  • Free Range chicken and eggs
  • Organic honey and beeswax products
  • Round baled Haylage

A little about Walker Farm At Whortleberry Hill
Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill is at the foot of Whortleberry Hill with land in the towns of New Braintree, West Brookfield and North Brookfield.

This farm is on an original Land Grant from King George in the original British Colonies. It has been run as a homestead and farm since 1763. In digging in the yard we found a British pence piece. Prior to the European settlement, the area was the homeland of the Native American Nipmuc tribe. Prior to 1850 in this area, most of the area had been cleared for farming. The remains of numerous stonewalls, Virginia rail fence, and an old dug well that is still in use today are testimony to the past use of this land as a historic farm.

We sell grass fed and finished, all natural Red Devon Beef. No antibiotics are given to our cows and we feed them no grain (eliminating GMOs and hybrid plants from YOUR diet). They are humanely raised and treated. We also sell seasonable organic produce and products, including organic honey and seasonable beeswax products. We sell our natural round-baled Haylage (from our own hay, baled while fresh cut and on-site). In the future we will have free-range chickens and eggs. We are the 2010 Massachusetts Tree Farm of the Year - mostly due to our sustainable ecological practices and habitat preservation - and sell our wood as firewood and lumber.

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We specialize in pre-1932 Indian motorcycles.
Many other early Marques used Indian type parts - ask if you aren't sure.